4 Businesses That Get Their Clients Because of the Sun

By Vance Walthrop
Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 9:46am

Your world revolves around the sun. Of course, that's true literally, but think about your daily life. You wake and sleep by the sun's schedule, depend on it for warmth and light, run for cover when there's too much of it, and beg for more when it's scarce. 

One medium-sized star is responsible for sustaining life on Earth, but did you know it's also responsible for the life of more than a few businesses? Take a look at four businesses that get clients because of the sun.

Keeping the sun out.
Solar blinds are among the most popular items people purchase to help control the amount of heat and light flooding into their homes. With just a pull of a cord, or twist of a rod, this particular window treatment lets you manually decide just how much sun you will let in. Blinds companies have taken the "traditional" out of traditional blinds with vertical, roman, Venetian, wooden and rolling blinds. Not just practical, blinds can enhance your home's decor, make a statement, or set a theme.

Keeping the sun out. An increasingly popular alternative to blinds is the solar shade. When you block the sun's rays with curtains or blinds, you also block the view through your windows. But with solar shades, you can say no to damaging UV rays while saying yes to light and your view.


These shades are made with varying degrees of light control and a myriad of design options. Solar shades can also save energy (saving you money.) by lowering room temperatures. Depending on your taste and budget, you can choose from manual shades, motorized shades and shades controlled by the touch of a button. On the web you can find reviews, ideas, and even blinds vs. shades comparisons.

Deflecting the heat. Another set of sun-loving businesses are the makers and sellers of awnings. In one shot, a well-placed awning provides shade both inside and outside your house, business, or RV. By shading such a large area on the side of your home, an awning can also help reduce energy costs. Most homeowners opt for motorized awnings to shade their decks and patios, so they can quickly and easily choose between hiding from the sun and basking in it. Perhaps more than other window treatments, awnings make
a definite design statement in addition to their sun-protection factor. 

Absorbing the heat. While the majority of sun-related businesses focus on keeping the sun out of your home, or at least reducing its effect, solar panel companies work to harvest the power of the sun and put to work inside your home. The first thing that comes to mind may be giant space-age looking panels covering the roof of a building, but solar panels are actually all around you. You know about the small panel in your solar-powered calculator, but have you ever
thought about sunglasses or electric car charging stations? This is a field of technology that continues to grow.

Life revolves around the sun. Whether it's warming up your swimming pool, waking you up in the morning, or giving you a golden tan, the sun is in your life to stay. And, more than likely, so are the many businesses that depend on it.