A Nursing Degree is Attainable

By Tory Buffington
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 2:38pm

We teach our children that education is important, and emphasize how critical it is to their futures that they learn and grow. But do we model those same values?

Work, family, appointments and errands combine to create a perfect storm of time consuming activities for most adults. Squeezing in time for learning new skills or improving on existing ones is challenging, but working adults now have the option of distance learning available.

You've always dreamt of a career in nursing. Working in a doctor's office or hospital, comforting patients, learning about advances in medicine and even wearing Grey's Anatomy scrubs is all you think about. But, there comes a time to stop wanting it and move towards living it. Online courses can make this happen.

Distance education offers working adults the opportunity to take courses from an accredited college on a schedule that accommodates both work and family obligations. Class time is scheduled for one or two nights per week and class material is delivered over the internet. Nursing students interact with the instructor and with one another using live chat or an online bulletin board. Nursing degree programs are structured so that the student can complete a degree in a timely manner while taking one class at a time.

A large portion of nursing degree courses are highly suited to the distance learning model. In a traditional educational setting, these courses involve lectures, student research projects and written examinations. All of these can be delivered on a virtual basis as easily as they can be delivered in a classroom setting.

Online learning is now readily achievable thanks to computer technology that is commonly found in the average household. Any working adult who wishes to expand his or her career opportunities, who is considering transitioning into a new field or who just need the stimulation of learning something new can fulfill these desires easily through a distance learning program that is offered through an accredited college or university. The primary requirement for obtaining a degree using distance learning is being willing to trade one night of watching television for several weeks for immersion in a virtual classroom that may turn into a life-changing experience.

Maybe it's time to start researching some online schools so that you can soon be on your way to slipping on some scrubs, taking blood pressures and making patients smile.