Assuring Customer Satisfaction With a Work Order Management System

By Chester McFee
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 2:34pm

Work order management software can streamline your workplace, saving time and money.

Sometimes employees have to use several programs to accomplish the easiest tasks. Whether they are processing a work order or looking up customer information, minutes are lost. Customers or vendors may wonder why turnaround times are slow, lose patience and look elsewhere.

Effective mobile worker management systems will save your business time and money.

The software is usually easy to integrate into your business platform. Handy access control features allow worker-only access to the program to do jobs. This makes it easy for them to get information or order for the customer needs. Time is not wasted on searching through multiple screens for information or products.

One-stop Shop
You use one system for all your mobile work tasks. Whether you need work orders, part lists, scheduling, warranties, service contracts, or customer information this work order management system tracks tasks efficiently. Organization creates a more effective working environment. With customers satisfaction on the rise your profits increase.

Customers do not like to wait 20 minutes for a customer service rep to answer a question or place an order. Sales reps do not like to arrive at sales appointments to find the customer does not know about it. This system can help solve some of these common problems.

Work order management software decreases costs by saving time that workers waste trying to accomplish tasks. They can fill orders more quickly and find products that customers want to buy. Your workers can pull up service contracts quickly to help solve customer problems. When customer problems are solved quickly satisfaction increases. Good customer relations are important to your business.

To increase sales your staff can schedule multiple sales appointments quickly. This helps your sales staff on the road to use time effectively. This system can create orders with codes and let you easily search for them when needed. It prioritizes orders and workers can add notes and special conditions when needed. Important information is always saved.

Scheduling Appointments and Meetings
Often a company will have to schedule appointments for sales reps to sell a product or services. Other businesses have to respond to customer requests for repairs so scheduling often becomes confusing and crazy. This system improves customer communication from any location and helps with unexpected changes in the schedule. It streamlines appointments making them easier to handle.

Usually a software company will meet with you to discuss the best work order management system for your needs. Worker training is usually included as a company wants people who know how to use their software. We believe training and education are an important part of our job. Even when you have had the system for several months on-going training is useful and something you should look for.