From Raindrops to Cars - Unconventional Award Sizes and Shapes

By Kayla Lucheeshi
Monday, April 22, 2013 - 10:34am

What is an award truly worth? Honestly, that is probably a question that could receive a different reply depending on who you ask. Maybe the question should be is quality worth more with regard to the materials used to make awards? The point is, memories should last forever so if awards do not outlast their recipients, are they worthless, or worth less with regard to memories? 

Awards come in all shapes and sizes, and since there are literally thousands of shows domestically and internationally bestowing them, it is basically a must that these momentous souvenirs are made of quality materials. So, not to be materialistic, what does it take and/or how much is it personally worth to you to preserve memories for a lifetime and beyond?     

Whether an award includes clear or colored, lead or lead-free substances, the sparkle and contours of sculpted glass can instantly turn a basic trophy into an unforgettable heirloom to be treasured forever. Now the process of transforming jade, starfire, and crystal into souvenirs is by far no small feat. Creating glass masterpieces like the academy awards or the Presidential Service Award require the utilization of long-glass thermoplastics, blow molding, and elastomeric tools to shape E glass and epoxy resin into unique pieces.

It may sound contradictory; although glass can be fragile it is also one of the most durable materials in the world. Initially, glass awards generally require more time to prepare than traditional awards, but the shear brilliance of a crystal trophy for a deserving recipient is well worth the wait. The entire process of glass-making involves curing and shaping, which is typically expensive. And when you factor in the technique of combining marble, cultured stones, granite, and other polished materials, a glass award can easily manifest into one of the most beautiful pieces your eyes have ever witnessed.

It usually takes relatively no time to have an award engraved and ready for a ceremony. On the other hand, a finely crafted glass award demands lots of time due to several factors. To elaborate, the process involves that a cast first has to be designed, and then molded. Now this particular process could encompass several weeks from inception to conception, not to mention cost. Fortunately, molds are often free of charge dependent on if it will be used for reproductions. If that is the case, your cost could drop considerably if you order in bulk from a reputable trophy maker. 

Probably the greatest advantage of creating a mold is that it can always be used later as a template to duplicate or improve upon the original award. Now the beauty of this is, a mold enables future awards to be produced much faster, meaning you will never have to wait weeks or months for your glass award again. Glass not only adds flare to an award, it can also increase the brand appeal and image of the sponsoring agency. All in all, glass awards simply have a look that traditional lackluster metal trophies can never mimic.