How Do You Drop a Hint to Him to Ensure You Get the Ring You Want?

By Ashley D. Whylly - Producer
Monday, November 12, 2012 - 3:30pm

Short of cutting out advertisements of the diamond engagement rings you like the best and taping them to the fridge, what is the best way to drop hints to your boyfriend on the type of ring you want? Women can find themselves in a tricky situation when they are expecting an upcoming proposal. You don’t want to be pushy and make it seem like you’re pressuring him into proposing; however, you also don’t want to end up with a ring you don’t love that you must wear on your finger for years to come.

So what are some subtle, but surefire ways to still get your point across?

Window Shopping

One tried-and-true method of dropping a hint is to simply make comments as you go window shopping with your man. Just try not to be completely obvious. For instance, don’t say things like “Wow, I just love that platinum 1.5 carat diamond solitaire ring!” Instead, talk about all types of jewelry you like to give him a general idea of your taste preferences. For instance, you could say how you are really into art deco types of jewelry instead of traditional diamond pieces.

Use Magazine and Online Ads to Drop Hints

If you share a computer, you could save and bookmark diamond engagement rings you like. This is an ideal way to drop a hint only if you had previously talked about getting engaged. If the subject of marriage has never even come up, avoid this tactic.

A similar way to drop a hint is to leave out magazine ads that feature the rings you would want. You can keep the page open that features the ad and place the magazine somewhere in your house where he's likely to stumble across it. You may want to use non-wedding types of magazines for this method. You don't want to freak him out by already reading bridal magazines before your engagement.

Talk About Other Diamond Engagement Rings You Love

Remarking on a friend’s engagement ring can be a great way to send a hint to your boyfriend. It could also be a way to tell him what type of rings you don’t like. For instance, when you’re alone, you could tell him how you like your friend’s ring, but would prefer a platinum setting instead of gold. Compliment women on their rings while you’re together to give him even more hints on your jewelry preferences.

Ask for Help

In many cases, your boyfriend may seek out advice from your friends and family members. Tell a few close girlfriends along with your mother and sister about the type of engagement ring you want. Even if he doesn’t ask them for help, they may be able to drop some hints in his presence to lead him in the right direction. Keep everything discreet though. You don’t want your friends and family to badger him about proposing before he’s ready.

If you’re a practical type of couple, you may choose to avoid the surprise engagement altogether. In this case, you can look at engagement rings together and make your selection as a couple.