Look Down- the Floor can be the Final Touch to Your Display

By Matthew Hamilton
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 3:38pm

Preparing a trade show display requires careful planning. That means coordinating everything from the eye-catching banners to the informative promotional materials. It means making sure the staff looks professional and have the training needed to be effective company representatives. But, the visitors are not drawn to the company's display. They pass up the display to visit one down the way. Something is definitely missing.

If this sound familiar, what is wrong?

For the answer, look down. What are you using as your trade show flooring?

Think about the visitor to a trade show. The sheer number of companies in an exhibition hall can be overwhelming. Most visitors arrive with two goals. First, they want to visit the displays of their competition, customers, vendors, and suppliers. Second, they want to visit other companies' displays to see what is new. At many trade shows, the sheer number of displays makes it impossible to hit every one. So, what attracts attention to certain displays?

Your company's display must be cohesive, professional, and eye-catching. These visitors are looking for a company that knows their brand and shows it in the professionalism in their displays. Flooring plays a big part in making your display one that draws a typical trade show visitor.

How can flooring be so important to a display?
Flooring is a way to delineate your company's space from the neighbors. When everyone shares the same dull gray concrete, a visitor's eye cannot distinguish between display spaces. Having flooring that stands out will grab and keep the visitor's eye.

Colorful flooring offers a chance to coordinate your exhibit's theme. What is your company's dominant brand colors? What is the dominant color of your exhibit? If you use one of these as a flooring color, you instantly make your display more visually appealing. Also, it can be the touch that finishes your display's look.
Custom flooring is a way to integrate your logo or other branding efforts.

Carpeting or foam-backed flooring offers a break from the hard concrete. That is a welcome treat for a visitor who has been walking around for hours.

If you are ready to add this finishing touch to your display, you need to know the options in trade show flooring so you can make an informed choice:

Interlocking flooring offers a versatile option. This flooring comes in tiles, made from carpet or high-density material, that interlock into multiple configurations. These tiles come with bevel edging to offer a clean transition from the concrete floor.

Portable carpet rolls offer an affordable option. You can get carpet in sizes starting at 10 x 10. The carpet comes in many colors and textures so you can match it to your color scheme.

Rubber and vinyl roll flooring is a resilient choice. Portable and durable, this is a cost-effective option for creating a professional floor.

Green flooring is an eco-friendly choice. You can get flooring made from recycled, recyclable, or renewable materials.

Portable hardwood flooring offers a professional touch that makes a definite statement.

Printed flooring is where you can fully customize your display. You can have low-pile durable carpeting dyed in any pattern, graphic, or logo you choose.

Take your display space and make it your own. Choose a trade show flooring that will bring your display together and offer visitors a visually appealing destination.