New Clothes for New Season's Powder

By Gayle McAdley
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 3:17pm

Looking good is not a seasonal thing.

It requires year-round dedication to fashion, and it requires constant attention and refocusing. You do not want to be caught in last year's look when you are out on the town or on vacation.

For the photogenic among us, it is important to get a new look with each season in order to avoid duplicating photos of fun with family and friends. If you want to look good, you have got to update your ski wardrobe.

Skiing and snowboarding require a lot of gear, there is no doubt about it. While your board or skis and boots may be trusty and reliable, the clothes you wear while wandering the winter wonderland can wear out quickly.

Risk Taker?

This season, go bold with your outerwear. A snow suit in patent pleather is a great way to make a statement out on the slopes, while still keeping warm. Pair a cupcake, belted jacket with extra warm ski leggings for a cute little ski outfit that warms without the bulk. Or, if you are an extra chilly skier, try on a three-quarter length snow jacket that warms you from head to knees. Just be sure you can move - you do not want to trip up on the slopes for the sake of fashion. Almost worth it, but not quite.

Of course, the classics are always in fashion. A warm ski suit in a cute color, like whipped cream or pixie pink, is never a poor choice. Pick up a marshmallow jacket that keeps you cozy and adorable all at the same time. Accessorize with golden oldies like mittens and plaid scarves, or go wild with a faux fur lined cap, a hat that looks like a teddy bear, or a mustached ski mask. 

Men, Never Fear

If you feel left out, there are tons of cool (or, rather, warm) outfits out there that can have you looking manly and dashing while you are dashing through the snow. First off, make sure your ski jacket this year has an awesome pattern, like camo or vertical stripes.

Your ski pants should have mobility while still looking snug (not bulky). Coordinate your headgear (goggles, hats) and gloves to have an altogether smashing look. 

Dislodge The Stodge at the Lodge

Of course, it is not all about your look on the ice crystals. You need to look fresh and relaxed in the lodge as well. Make sure your change of clothes near the fireside is crisp and comfortable at the same time. Find a perfect pair of relaxing jeans, perhaps. Add a quality, knitted sweater that looks expensive - and maybe it is, but it's keeping you warn and attracting admiration.

Accessorize sparingly, but well. And, of course, make sure you are warm. You want to have long johns or other under wear that keeps your bones from shaking and your teeth from chattering. And no outfit is complete without dry socks and fashionable footwear. 

If you have visions of dollar signs dancing in your head at this point, yes, it can get pricey to reconfigure your wardrobe for a ski and snowboarding trip. To cut costs and still look hot in the cold weather, consider using Altrec coupon codes at the checkout. You will save dough and still get some great new looks for your days out on the slopes.