Webisodes - Which Ones Are the Best?

By Frank Gelianna
Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 12:43pm

In today's world we have plenty of options for entertainment. But finding great programming is like shopping for the best internet provider. You want quality and convenience. That's why webisodes are becoming one of the most popular forms of enjoyment out there today. Plenty of them are free and available to anyone online.

What is a Webisode?
Webisodes are quite similar in format to television shows except that you can only find them online. They come in all varieties; reality shows, cooking show, dramas, stand-up comedy specials, cartoons, soap operas, etc. You name it, they make it.

They come in all shapes and sizes, as well. Anywhere from a few seconds in length to an entire series that can be stretched out for months. The good news about webisodes is that anyone can make and share them so there is a lot of VARIETY out there. The bad news about webisodes is that anyone can make and share them so there is a LOT of variety out there. Sorting through content can become a full-time job.

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, the quality and professionalism of webisodes is improving immensely. Now that more shows are being shot in high-density and complicated special effects are becoming easier to re-create, these programs can be totally engrossing. That’s why nothing is more frustrating than having a bad internet connection that causes choppy viewing. To avoid any viewing frustration, you’ll want to have the best internet provider possible.

So, you’ve got your popcorn buttered, your phone on silent and you’re comfortable in your chair. But as you bask in the warm glow of your computer's brightness level, you realize one thing...you’re not sure where to get entertained. Never fear, what follows is a list of some of the most entertaining things to watch on the web.

The Walking Dead
If you’re a huge Walking Dead fan like the rest of the planet, you will love these webisodes. These episodes focus on the back story of one particular zombie that turned into a cult favorite. Of course that’s the half undead girl that Rick encounters outside the hospital in season one. Search for “Walking dead webisodes” on YouTube and or search for “amctv webisodes” and get to amctv.com. Make sure you watch from the beginning.

Louis C.K.
Louis C.K. has an idea - you give him 5 bucks and he’ll give you viewing access to his online-only comedy show “Live at the Beacon Theater.” Deal! You can pay through PayPal or Amazon.

John Woo Presents 7 Brothers
Any fans of John Woo’s will love this modern day Samurai saga. Originally released as a comic book in 2006, this graphic novel in motion plays out like most of Woo’s masterpieces. It’s as if you’re watching a ballet - a very bloody, violent ballet. Explicit language and adult content make this not suitable for anyone under 18. Search for John Woo 7 Brothers on YouTube. The first episode is called, “That’s What’s Going to Save The World.”

Ave 43
This David Lynch-esque soap opera is a must see. While you may never completely be able to understand what’s going on, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. This is truly low budget, cult following, weirdness at its finest. Search YouTube for “Ave 43 chapter 1.”

How it Should Have Ended
The slick graphics and high production value of this satire makes it a virtual favorite. Each episode takes a different movie, video game etc and shows you, from the maker’s point of view...well...how it should have ended. Warning, it’s highly addictive. Go to howitshouldhaveended.com and have a blast.