When Christmas Brings a Lifetime Gift - A Wedding Proposal

By Patrick Addington
Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 12:18pm

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays for a marriage proposal because the family is together.

Thus, you get to immediately share the news with your family and friends. Also, the end of the year marks new beginnings. Besides, what better time for a gift that really means something eternal – and sparkles.

While Christmas is a popular time for a marriage proposal, it does put on a lot pressure because you’re not the only one who’s making Christmas engagement memories. So, you have to make sure the proposal is unique and different, while also making the occasion beautiful and momentous.

For instance, many guys have probably placed the ring box like an ornament on the Christmas tree. Therefore, that’s an idea you may want to stay away from.

Fire Up the Flames

Instead, you have plenty of Christmas flowers to choose from. For example, you may want to surprise her with a ring nestled in a bouquet of white roses or a poinsettia. This velvety red flower is known as the Christmas flower or Mexican flame leaf.

As legend has it, a child too poor to afford a gift for the Christ child picked a bouquet of roadside weeds. Once the child arrived at the church with the weeds they’d blossomed into a beautiful green/red bouquet of flowers (poinsettias).

Using flowers shows how you believe your love will grow into something beautiful and forever perfect, with pleasant surprises.

The young poinsettias typically have leaves and tiny yellow flowers. Thus, an engagement ring will shine perfectly when resting against one of the tiny yellow flowers. If you want to be a little different you can choose a variety of patterns and colors. Some of the poinsettia colors range from white to pink. Some florists can dye the leaves and add sparkles to the bouquet floral arrangement.

Sound the Trumpets

Amaryllis is another Christmas flower option you can use. The flower, native to South America, develops a cluster of six trumpet-like shaped flowers atop long stalks. The most popular color is red, but you can buy the Christmas flower in rose, apricot, pink and salmon colors, too.

Some are even bi-colored. 

It’s so tall and graceful that many people use the Amaryllis as a table centerpiece. You can, too. When your significant other and the family sit down for Christmas dinner, you can have the ring in the amaryllis centerpiece.

Christmas “Cactus”

The Christmas Cactus, native to the Brazilian mountains, begins blooming right around December. That’s the perfect time since you plan to pop the question around this time.

Flowers on this Christmas bloom can be red, lavender, white, orange or magenta. They grow on a leaf-like, fleshy stem. The flower grows into a graceful weeping plant with plenty of blossoms and hangs down like a Christmas ornament on a Christmas tree.

This flower is a unique way to showcase the engagement ring that will likely make her cry tears of joy. You can place it somewhere within the Christmas flower and place that on top of the presents. It’ll be the first present she sees and the only one she’ll cherish forever.

You don’t have to use a bouquet of flowers. Instead, you could use one Christmas flower. A single flower with an engagement ring is an interesting way to propose to your soon-to-be significant other. If you want to think outside the preverbal box and chose another type of flower, you can. It’s your proposal so you want to make it one that’s memorable.

Meaning Within A Puzzle

Why use a Christmas flower when you propose? Well, during the Christmas season, flowers symbolize renewal, peace, prosperity and love. These are all the things you properly want to convey as you ask someone to share your lives.

Another reason is the flower itself is something she can keep for a long time4, if it’s a perennial. For example, she can plant the poinsettias in the south-facing window of your new home where the temperature is warm and the sun is bright. If you choose the amaryllis, she can place the potted plant in a sunny, warm place and watch it grow. 

Are you thinking about using the Christmas cactus in your proposal? Well, she’ll keep this flower—along with her engagement ring—for a long time. The flower grows in indirect, bright light during the winter. It needs shade in the summer. 

Therefore, you’re giving two gifts that she can adore for a long, long time. How perfect is that? 

Any Christmas flower is important part of the holiday season even if its the poinsettia, mistletoe or holly and no proposal comes with it. A bouquet of flowers can make your home and Christmas spirit brighter. Regardless of the Christmas flower you choose, you’ll make a dazzling expression and impression.