Weather FAQs

Q: What is the difference between a watch and a warning?

A: A Watch means that conditions are favorable for severe weather to occur. Watches are issued for many counties across an area and for a span of many hours. Most of the time, not everyone in a Watch will see severe weather, however, everyone should monitor the weather closely in case the weather makes a turn for the worse.

A Warning means that severe weather is occurring in or imminent for your area. If your county is under a warning, you should take precautions to secure yourself, your family, and your property.

Q: What should I do if a tornado, severe thunderstorm, or flash flood warning is issued for Evansville?

A: Tornado Warning — Get to the lowest portion of your house, in an interior room and away from windows. An interior bathroom is usually a good place to go as the pipes are sturdy enough to withstand flying debris. If you live in a mobile home or are in a car, evacuate immediately and find a sturdy shelter! If there are no shelters around, get to a low portion of the ground such as a ditch and cover your head.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning — Usually the main threats from severe thunderstorms are from large damaging hail and strong destructive winds. Tornadoes are also possible within severe thunderstorms. Stay away from windows and take precautions to secure life and property.

Flash Flood Warning — Flash Flood Warnings mean that a large amount of rain is falling during a short amount of time which poses a serious flooding threat. NEVER drive through areas of water of unknown depth. NEVER drive around barricades. NEVER allow children to play near creeks or drainage areas. TURN AROUND DON'T DROWN.

Q: Why do you cut into programming?

A: Our goal is to keep you informed with the smallest inconvenience to you as possible. However, if we feel that if the weather poses a LIFE-THREATENING risk, then we will alert the areas in danger through cut-ins. Other smaller severe weather events may require isolated cut-ins so that you can feel safe and informed.

Q: But you're cutting in for people that aren't in Evansville...

A: We at CBS44 WEVV cover a large portion of Evansville, so the likelihood of severe weather affecting all areas is unlikely. Just remember, when you're getting severe weather, we'll interrupt their programming to warn you!

Q: What's the deal with the county map that pops up in the corner of my screen?

A: The county map is designed to keep you informed of the latest developing weather situation. You will be able to find watch/warning information as well as keep track of live radar, with little to no inconvenience to you.

Q: If my power goes out, how can I get severe weather information?

A: One option is to have a battery powered television to monitor CBS44 WEVV. Another option is to have a battery powered NOAA weather radio to get information from the National Weather Service.