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Breaking Down the Cicada Craze

You've heard them buzzing all throughout the day and night -- those loud insects known as cicadas. But what are they doing and how long will they be around?

Posted: Aug 28, 2021 8:23 AM
Updated: Aug 30, 2021 9:26 AM

You've probably been hearing that buzzing sound all around you this past summer.

Well it's not the periodical cicadas that come out of the ground every 17 years that you're hearing. It's actually the annual cicadas.

While the periodical cicadas have been seen and heard across the country for the past few months, they never did buzz in the Evansville and Henderson area.

Those annual cicadas in our area mate every year at the end of summer, they are also called the dog days cicadas

Once the do mate, they'll die off. But the babies, or nymps, will lay under the ground until the reemerge next summer and the cycle repeats.

"It's a natural part of our summer nights and days is to hear their drone, their chorus and that's the males, trying to attract a female," said Lisa Hoffman the Park Programs Services Supervisor at John James Audubon State Park. "So the annual cicada's it's always a part of our existence for summer, but the periodicals, that was something interesting this year."

Cicadas are actually a great source of protein for wildlife. And while humans can technically eat them, it's not advised you deep fry them for fall fest

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Temperatures dipped back into the upper 30s and low 40s for many of us early this morning, marking our coldest start to a day in Evansville (where we fell to 41°) in more than a week. Fortunately, the chilly start to the day didn't mean that our afternoon would be a loss, it was anything but - in fact, after seeing temperature around 57° by our lunch hour, afternoon highs crept back into the mid to low 60s area-wide; we hit 63° in the River City - while that's still 2° shy of the norm for October 27th, we'll take a 3° increase over yesterday's high of 60°. The clear skies that allowed temperatures to climb as high as they did earlier on however, are on their way out as our next round of rainfall inches ever closer. The remainder of the evening ahead should remain dry, but isolated rainfall will return to the Tri-State as early as the overnight and predawn hours Thursday.
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