Students, Parents Terrified After Shooting Threat at Madisonville North Hopkins High School

Students and parents are fearful after rumors started to circulate Thursday night about a potential school shooting at Madisonville North Hopkins High School.

Posted: Dec 3, 2021 6:02 PM

"Hopkins County schools is aware of the rumors regarding a potential shooting at Madisonville North Hopkins High School. There will be extra law enforcement present and additional supervision on campus. The situation is being investigated."

"This voicemail was sent out to parents at Madisonville North Hopkins High School on Friday morning from principal Adam Harris.

The message came after rumors of a potential school shooter started circulating Thursday night.

But classes weren't canceled Friday and students started sharing SnapChats with each other, urging their fellow peers not to go to school.

"It's a scary situation to be in," sophomore Jayzshia Davis said. "You hear, 'You're young and your life might be in danger.'"

For many parents it was like waking up to a nightmare -- should they send their child to school or not?

Especially after four students are now dead following a school shooting in Michigan Tuesday.

"It's definitely terrifying to know that your kids are in the situation where their lives could be in danger," said parent Bambi Woodring. "And you don't know if the school is going to be doing enough to keep them safe."

"I decided not to send him because you never know,| said mom Towanna Lyles. "You never know what might happen." 

Police are taking this threat very seriously and have had a presence on campus all day.

"It's our top priority," said Major Justin Jones with the Madisonville Police Department. "We're willing to do whatever we have to do to keep the children safe."

So far, no students have been charged, because police say they have not found a social media post about the threat, just students warning other students about it.

"Students heard there would possibly be a school shooting at Madisonville North," Major Jones said. "But again that was unsubstantiated and just appears to be a rumor."

Many students ended up not going to school though, while some parents picked them up at lunch time.

"My shortest class was maybe five people in my class," Davis said.

"My son said half the school was absent today," said parent Desiree Black. 

Parents say they think classes should have been canceled and some are angry that athletes were told if they didn't go to school -- they could not compete in games Friday or Saturday.

"Where is your care and concern for their safety," Woodring said.

"It's about safety of the kids," Davis said. "And I understand education is very important but safety is first."

School officials say they were just following the normal attendance policy.

If more evidence is found about the threat, a student or students could be facing charges.

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