Tri-State Man Builds Business Bottom Up During Pandemic

One Evansville man is proving perseverance can beat the pandemic.

Posted: Sep 15, 2020 10:14 AM

It's been heavy lifting for businesses trying to keep the doors open.

From lost revenue and laid off employees, to those that have had to call it quits all together.

But what about starting from scratch?

Building a business from the bottom up just as the health crisis was about to hit.

Certainly no walk in the park, and yet one Evansville man is proving perseverance can beat the pandemic.

"I knew what I was bringing was going to be different."

It's in his gym along North Main Street in Evansville, Charles Hamilton is living out his dream.

"I've been doing the management of gyms for years now," says Charles Hamilton, ChamFit owner. "I've been a fitness manager, operations manager. So I already knew how to run a gym."

But little did Hamilton know his plans to open ChamFit would be during one of the worst times possible.

"So I already had pre-sale numbers, people ready to go and I just had to say we're ready," says Hamilton. "So, February I opened up and I had 70 members."

During the pandemic, local businesses all across the country have taken a brutal blow.

"Covid hit, and that changed the projection of where I would be in 3-4 months before then, but I knew already where I was at on numbers as far as that goes and paying bills I was good," says Hamilton.

For this owner, COVID-19 was another bump in the road to success.

"So when COVID happened, I've been through a lot worst situations than prior to that," says Hamilton.

"My route was a little bit different, I had to stay in my car for a couple of years, live out of my car, but I had a goal everyday, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I was still putting myself to work every single day even though I was living out of my car for a couple years, it was tough," says Hamilton.

But depsite the challenges, Hamilton says he's been making it through the last few months okay.

"So, it didn't affect me because I already had a game plan prior to that not knowing what the future was going to hold," says Hamilton.,

Hamilton says he's not sure what the future might hold, but he continues to inspire others going through a similar experience.

"Innovate. Be different. This is the time to be different. Offer different things," says Hamilton. 

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