Warm and Windy, Becoming Stormy

Abnormal warmth gives way to the Tri-State's next chances for rain.

Posted: Apr 26, 2021 6:36 PM
Updated: Apr 26, 2021 7:48 PM

The combination of a strong southerly wind flow and an ample amount of sunshine helped drive temperatures back into the mid to upper 70s earlier this afternoon; today's high of 77° in Evansville was 11° warmer than yesterday's and 23° higher than Saturday's. If you're planning on being out and about this evening, you're in luck - temperatures will only fall as low as the mid 60s by 10PM. Fortunately, our ongoing warming trend is expected to continue into our Tuesday - in fact, tomorrow is expected to be our warmest day in nearly three weeks! Crystal clear skies paired with wind gusts peaking near 30 mph throughout the afternoon will help drive temperatures nearly 15° above the norm for this time of the year; we'll hit a high of 83° in Evansville, our warmest since April 9th. It does however, look as though our luck will finally run out come Wednesday.

A core of low pressure swinging northeastward from the Great Plains toward the Great Lakes will gradually drag its accompanying cold front towards and eventually across the Tri-State on Wednesday and Thursday. While our Tuesday will remain quite dry and clear, Wednesday will bring about our next chance of rainfall - scattered showers are anticipated as early as that morning, but that afternoon and early evening will give way to thunderstorm chances. Actually, the Storm Predication Center has placed much of thew Tri-State under a "1" on the Threat index for that afternoon and evening. That means that some of the storms we see during that later half of our Wednesday may produce strong winds and hail. Obviously, we'll keep a watchful eye on both our Wednesday and Thursday as our storm chances are expected to linger for the 48-hour period.

While I'm aware its only Monday evening, it's never too early to look ahead to the weekend - especially when the forecast is looking as pleasant as it does! We're expected to see another cold front pass unceremoniously on Friday leaving us with afternoon highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. Our cooler-than-average start to the weekend however, will give way to a nice warmup as we head toward the beginning of the next week. The current forecast calls for highs near 69° on Saturday under sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 70s for Sunday.

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Scattered rainfall continues to affect portions of the Tri-State and it seems as though it will continue to do so through the remainder of the evening and overnight. After reaching an afternoon high near 80° earlier on, expect temperatures to gradually fall toward 70° by dinnertime before dwindling into the mid 60s by 10 o'clock. Overnight lows will dive all the way back down into the upper 50s by the predawn hours Wednesday; we'll fall to 58° in Evansville. The cold front and associated low responsible for all of our rain chances both today and tonight is expected to stall stall Wednesday, prolonging our isolated rain chances tomorrow, especcially for those of us north and east of Evasnville.
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