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Man accused of video taping child in bathroom of Evansville business

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Stephen Wainman (Vanderburgh County Jail)

Stephen Wainman, 58, of Evansville (Vanderburgh County Jail)

An Evansville man is facing several charges after being accused of recording a child in a restroom at a local business.

Evansville Police Department officers were called to the Academy Sports store off of Burkhardt Road around 10:30 a.m. Friday about some trouble with a customer.

911 dispatchers told officers that a child had reportedly caught a man taking a video of them while in the store's restroom.

The victim told authorities that they were in a stall when they looked up and saw a smart phone being held over the top of the stall wall. The victim said that when the person who was filming realized they had been discovered, they pulled the smart phone away and it made the sound that indicated a recording had been stopped.

According to an affidavit, the victim told authorities they then saw the man on his hands and knees looking under the stall wall. They said they could clearly see the man's entire face.

The victim said they left the restroom, called for their mother, and pointed out the suspect.

When an EPD officer arrived at the store, they said that everyone was gathered near the exit, including the suspect, 58-year-old Stephen Wainman.

The victim told police that they watched Wainman delete several things off of his phone. When the officer went to speak with Wainman, they say he was still doing something on his phone.

The officer says Wainman claimed to have no idea what had happened in the restroom, and said he didn't know what the child was talking about.

Wainman told the officer they could look at his phone unlocked the phone for the officer, according to EPD. 

When the officer looked at the phone, they said they didn't find any video of the accusations from the Academy Sports restroom.

The officer says they did find another video that was recorded through the gap of a restroom stall, but that Wainman said he took that video at work and that the person was aware they were being filmed.

According to EPD, the officer double checked with the victim about what had happened, and they said they were certain that Wainman had recorded them in the bathroom.

Wainman's phone was seized, and he was arrested and booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail on two charges of voyeurism.

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