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Tracking roads to a cold and icy start around the Tri-State this morning

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Ice on the ground in Mt.Carmel

We tracked the road conditions around the tri-state, to see which areas got hit with the worst of the storm.

We are definitely in the winter season as we have been slipping and sliding all over areas on various roads.

We spent the morning seeing just to show how dangerous the road conditions were. We started on 41, then made our way to I-64, and spent a good chunk of our morning in Mt. Carmel, Illinois, and lastly ended in Princeton Indiana. The worst of the storm definitely impacting Mt. Carmel the worst with snow.

There is a good amount of people on the road, most of them driving at a normal pace. We did not see many accidents on the road this morning but visibility was so bad you couldn’t tell the difference between the roads and the sidewalks as visibility was low. 

We spoke with Mt.Carmel’s Police Chief, Mike McWilliams, on the safety precautions to take while driving in bad weather,” Leave early, drive slow. If you don’t have to be out, don’t be out. Give yourself a little bit more time, make sure you tell an inexperienced driver what they should be doing when they leave. I’ve got a daughter, she just left, so we’ve had a few talks since she’s been driving for a year.”

We also spoke with Store Manager of Big O Tires, Chris Brosmer, on how to prepare your tires for the weather, “A lot of people think you put more air pressure, good it’s not. You want to put the correct air pressure, you’ll find that on your door jam. And a lot of people don’t know that. They look on the tire and a lot of times that air pressure is too high, because that’s maximum load.”

We saw a couple of snow plows early this morning, working to get the snow gone so that drivers can have an easier time getting to work. We even spoke with some men driving the snow plows, on how early they’ve been out here and they said as early as 5 A.M.

Although the roads may look easy to drive, but do not overshoot how safe they actually are. Especially on these two lane roads as you never know what can happen.

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