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What Happens If You Get A Fake Vaccine Card?

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Across the country, companies are forcing their employees to get vaccinated. However, some people who are opting not to get the shot have started making fake vaccine cards in an attempt to fool their employers. 

"Forgery is against the law and if you present a forged document, that's a felony," said John Brinson, an Evansville lawyer.

You read that correctly. Forging a vaccine card is a felony and those who are convicted could find themselves with a hefty fine or 6 months to 2 and a half years of jail time.

Last week, President Biden announced employees at businesses with over 100 employees would be required to get vaccinated. If they decline, they would have to get tested for Covid every week.

Currently, the EPD and Vanderburgh County Prosecutors Office have not seen any cases of false Covid vaccine cards. 

"I'd say it's much easier to get vaccinated than it is to go through that and go to prison for trying to falsify records," Brinson told 44News. 

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