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Kentucky Farm Fields Still Littered with Tornado Debris, Cleanup Begins

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People from parts of Kentucky and Indiana came out to support local farmers on getting their fields cleaned up from those December 10th tornadoes.

The Mayor, the County Extension Agent, and the Disaster Coordinator all realized that in the next upcoming four weeks, starts spring planting for the fields in Muhlenberg county.

Owner of Gatton Valley View Farms Bremen says, "There's a lot of material that does not degrade its material that's got a lot of 2x4s, and a lot of plywood that has a lot of nails, there's a lot of metal, a lot of vinyl siding and things like that, that you can't just run your equipment over because you'll have flat tires, it'll damage your planters and sprayer tires, and things like that. So its very important that we get this cleaned up because if we don't we really can't plant through it."

They knew the fields needed to be cleaned and quickly and they thought one way to help speed up the process is to ask for volunteers from all over the county little did they know they were going to get more than they asked for. 

Gatton says, "It's just a prideful moment when you see the volunteers and the local churches, and the different communities come together to come out here and help people they don't even know, just strangers you know and and at the end of the day we're not strangers, but it's just hard to believe without seeing it."

Back on December 10th those devastating storms covered seventeen miles of Muhlenberg County most of it being farm land. Community members say this help with the clean up process means more to them than words could begin to describe. 

Mayor of Bremen, Allen Miller says, "We've already done a lot of cleaning, that roads and stuff were cleaned with just in a few days after the tornado, then we focused on getting the houses that were damaged torn down and that stuff cleaned up, and just the next step in it is just try to get the fields and some of the wooded areas and things cleaned up trying to get it to where it don't look like a war zone anymore."

Community leaders say it'll be a long time before the town gets back to the way it was before the tornadoes hit, but getting those fields cleaned up is a pretty good place to start. 

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