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Patoka Township Trustees postpone updated fire territory agreement

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PRINCETON, Ind. (WEVV) -- The Patoka Township trustee meeting lasted under an hour on Wednesday after the discussion of the updated fire territory agreement was cut short due to concerns regarding portions within the agreement.

"We had an agreement we thought was knocked out, joint resolution between our attorney and the attorney representing the city," said Patoka Township Advisory Trustee, Jim Williams. 

That agreement being the members appointed to the Fire Territory board.

According to Williams, both the city attorney and the Patoka Township attorney previously agreed on the method to decide those members but some say that's not the case.

With the city attorney not present, a common ground was not reached on Wednesday.

"There's been some issues in the past where some people don't feel fully represented on the board so we're trying to get all those issues put to rest and we can function as a fire territory with the peoples safety and well being in mind," said Williams. 

The Patoka Township Trustee's made the decision to postpone the decision to allow more time for each party to come to a common ground.

"We're hoping that the attorneys for the city and the township can get together and hammer out the organization of the fire territory that is acceptable to both parties," said Williams.

A final agreement is expected by Friday April 1, both parties say they are working together to reach a resolution.

"I'm hoping we can come together to reach an agreement that preserves the fire territory." said Williams. 

The next meeting to discuss the agreement is set for Friday, April 1 at 10 am CT. 

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