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Reports say millions are behind on utility bills local companies offer tips to help out

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEVV) — For many in the tri-state the cost of their utilities continues to rise monthly.

According to CNN,  this summer people can expect to see their electricity bills to be the same or higher than last summer.

On average reaching up to $529 a month the cost varying depending on the region.

With no end appearing in sight, assistance and payment plans are in high demand.

"We like to encourage all of our customers that if you're having difficulties paying your bill to contact us as soon as possible to discuss their different options with us," said the Senior Communications Specialist at CenterPoint Energy, Erin Merris.

She isn't able to provide the number of customers in the tri-state behind on their utility bill.

But after speaking with a few customers off camera it's a common concern for some residents in Vanderburgh County as they were sent disconnection notices as a result of it.

In an effort to help CenterPoint Energy say's they have payment options and they're offering tips ahead of the summer for those who need it.

"We like customers to keep in mind that half of their energy bill in the summer goes towards cooling their home so maintaining their air conditioning and keeping your home cool by keeping the sun out of your house are the two most important ways in which you can save on your energy bill." said Merris. 

Aside from CenterPoint, non-profit groups such as CAJE and CAPE are resources within the community willing to help.

Township trustees such as Knight Township are also resources able to provide temporary help to eligible residents.

Though there are other options Indiana offers, such as the Energy Assistance Program (EAP) and the Low Income Home Assistance Energy Assistance Program (LIHAEA) often times there are deadlines to apply.

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