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Western Kentucky woman bitten on face by snake coiled on door hanger

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Kentucky woman bitten by snake coiled on door hanger

Have you ever been bitten by a snake?

Western Kentuckian Mara Jo Thomas was on Monday and it happened a little too close to home.

Thomas shared the experience on Facebook and her post quickly went viral. It's been shared more than 52,000 times and garnered more than 10,000 comments.

Thomas' daughter Kenley was about to walk into their Princeton home, which is in Caldwell County, just southwest of Hopkins County.

"I already had my hand on the door handle and I twisted it and I pushed it in just a little bit and I see a snake in my face," Kenley said.

The snake lunged at her, but she wasn't bitten.

"That's what caused her to just start screaming this crazy loud scream," Thomas said. "Well, I yanked the door open and our door opens inward."

Thomas was standing in the doorway trying to locate the snake, but what she didn't know was the slithery reptile was coiled up on the door hanger, inches from her face ready to strike.

"It really did bite me before I saw it coming," she said. "When I fell down I think I pulled the refrigerator out of the wall going down it just scared me so bad it caught me so off guard."

The snake clamped its fangs down right above her eye, puncturing part of her forehead and her eyebrow.

It was a scary moment for Thomas and Kenley, especially because they didn't know if the snake was venomous or not.

"We couldn't see the tail so we didn't know if was a rattle snake or... we didn't know the snake so I was really scared," Kenley said.

Thomas, Kenley and the Thomas' other daughter went to the hospital.

Thankfully, it wasn't serious and she's now on the mend. No anti-venom was needed.

Thomas still doesn't know for sure what snake bit her, but she said based on some suggestions and Facebook comments, it might have been a Chicken snake, also known as the yellow rat snake.

But what happened to it?

"My husband, he was able to kill it so thankfully it was still there," Thomas said. "Because I think if it would have been gone, I would have been way more bothered by it just knowing it was still lurking somewhere."

Now, they can look back and laugh, and for Thomas, who owns a coffee shop called MJ's Lattes, even capitalize on the experience.

"Everyone was like, 'Can't wait to try The Snake Bite drink,' and just kind of ran with it," she said. "The drink was a huge hit. We put a little snake gummy worm on top of it."

They've made the best out of a "unique experience" Thomas said, but moving forward -- no more door hangers for her.

"That one was right there, that a huge one," Thomas said gesturing to the festive decoration now propped against the wall in her home. "That one was on my front door. I took that one down too."

And as for Kenley, her opinion on snakes hasn't changed.

"I've seen snakes obviously before but never that close because I don't like snakes," she said. "I still don't like them."

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